Promotional and Corporate Clothing

Marketing is an art form in itself. Effective marketing can literally make or break a business. There are various ways to increase a business's exposure to the public but it almost seems like every idea has already been taken by competitors. This is why it is very important for companies to find new and engaging ways to attract clients, and designing original clothing and apparel can be the perfect way to achieve this goal.
Men's Promotional Polo Shirts
Embroidered or printed polo shirts promote your professional image.
Ladies Promotional Polo Shirts
Embroidered or printed polo shirts promote your professional image.
Men's Promotional T Shirts
Branded t shirts make excellent customised marketing merchandise
Ladies Promotional T Shirts
Branded t shirts make excellent customised marketing merchandise
Branded Singlets
Promotional singlets are sort after promotional clothes for outdoor events.
Men's Corporate Shirts
Branded shirts are stylish, functional and professional.
Ladies Corporate Shirts
Branded shirts enhance your image custom branded with your corporate logo.
Branded Motor Gear
Promotional motor & car items are appreciated unique promotional items.
Promotional Jackets
Promotional jackets are functional sport or travel products.
Branded Fleece Tops
Embroidered fleece tops are popular outdoor advertising clothing options
Promotional Vests
Promotional vests make a great branded conference or travel gifts.
Branded Rugby Tops
Embroidered rugby tops are stylish and effective when custom decorated.
Branded Pullovers & Vests
Promotional vests provide a professional and smart look for your corporate image.
Branded Workwear
Branding workwear will promote your corporate image in the workplace.
Track Suits & Sports Gear
Custom track suits & sports gear are a perfect for sports days.
Branded Cufflinks
Promotional cufflinks are the perfect corporate gifts to show your logo in style
Embroidered Bath Robes
Promotional bath robes can be used as corporate or executive gifts.
Embroidered Scarves
Promotional scarves are always popular tradeshow give aways.
Promotional Aprons
Aprons branded with your logo make great corporate gifts for clients.

If you want your brand to be seen by a range of people every day, consider having some clothing printed or embroidered with your branding. Someone wearing a promotional t-shirt or jacket that is walking down the street will literally operate like a walking billboard and could potentially be seen by thousands of people. Thus clothing and apparel can be a very effective way to get people to notice a company name or logo.

Australian Corporate Essentials stock a wide range of promotional and corporate apparel. We have a large selection of options available to suit a variety of companies' needs, including polo shirts, corporate shirts, jumpers, jackets, vests, work wear, fleeces, cufflinks, aprons, bathrobes and track suits. Our clothing is available in many different colours and sizes to fit your businesses branding.

Businesses that have their own clothing and apparel will look much more professional and presentable than their competition and will certainly stick in the minds of clients and potential customers. Any serious business that is looking to increase positive exposure of their company should consider clothing as a viable part of their on-going marketing campaign. Promotional polo shirts and t-shirts with a company brand name can also be very effective when worn by business employees at trade shows and events.


Clothing and apparel can also be the perfect form of gift for employees for Christmas and birthdays, and could even serve to incentivise good job performance. If your brand has 'fan appeal', t-shirts are an excellent way to promote your product to the wearer's friends.

Quality is essential when it comes to clothing and apparel. It is important that the item will have a long lasting lifespan and is comfortable to wear.