Promotional Lanyards

Promotional, printed, and branded lanyards are a good option for businesses that want their logo on clients' desktops and seek to project a professional image at the same time. Promotional lanyards are also useful as a tool for team-building events, so staff have something to take home with them at the end of the exercise.
Custom Printed Lanyards
Promotional lanyards grabs your clients' attention and are a perfect for corporate events or everyday use.

At Australia Corporate Essentials, we have a huge range of lanyards and key holders to choose from. Traditional lanyards, made from classic polyester and equipped with a convenient release buckle, can be the perfect choice for conferences and trade shows, as well as for attaching a basic ID card. We also stock a zip lanyard, featuring a universal attachment and zipper opening with a rubber square puller suitable for printing a logo or company name.

Badge holders are another popular option in the lanyards category. Badge-holder options include round, teardrop or square badge holders, all of which are retractable. An organisation can choose to have their logo or messages imprinted directly onto the badge holder or, alternatively, they can incorporate a full-colour digital insert.

Lanyards can also come with pockets, wallets and pouches attached. Each of these is particularly useful in the context of a conference, when delegates need something to store the materials or documents they are given throughout the course of the event. A conference pouch, for instance, comes with a clear plastic front, neck cord, and velcro fastener. Delegates could also be given conference wallets, which feature a dual compartment A4 document holder as well as a handle, a zip and a pouch for holding business cards.

Promotional lanyards are practical products, but they are also a useful way to promote an organisation or brand, especially as they are highly mobile and visible. Companies will also find that lanyards are an economical marketing choice.